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Dormeuil krejčovství Javad
Holland and Sherry krejčovství Javad

England and Belgium, the best from the best. For my work, I choose such fabrics that I trust and I myself would dress in.


Biella Borgosesia Paris

Zegna krejčovství Javad
Loro Piana krejčovství Javad

Italy and France. The cradle of top fabric manufacturers. Years long, their materials are still very comfortable and beautiful.

Cerruti krejčovství Javad

How to choose a suitable fabric?

I will help you with the selection during our first meeting. Each manufacturer offers a wide range of materials of various weights and natural composition (wool, cashmere, cotton, linen, silk). Together we will choose the most suitable fabric whether for a suit, jacket, trousers or shirt.

bavlna krejčí Javad

Selection from Javad's fabrics collection

In addition to swatches, you can also choose from an existing collection of fabrics. The advantage is that you can see the fabric in a larger size, you can touch it and apply it to your body. You can then better imagine how it will look like on you and you will see its fineness and strength. Choosing a fabric by this way is also more cost-effective.