Tailoring services

Krejčí Javad služby


Do you dream about an original shirt? About a perfectly fitting suit? About trousers or jackets made of the most luxurious material?

Choose from two tailoring methods we offer – bespoke and custom made. Each of them brings different advantages.


Tailor-made with a high content of handwork

You will get a unique piece that I create in a traditional tailoring way. I will take your measurements and create an original cut. No one else in the world will wear this garment except you.

Together we will choose the best fabric for both the top and lining. We will plan a lot of beautiful details and gadgets that you can choose by yourself. These may be, for example:

  • Hand-quilted holes
  • Hand-stitched edges
  • Stitched lining
  • Waist belts
  • Buttons and suspenders
  • Higher seat
  • Watch pocket for trousers
  • Strenghtened lapels for jackets

When I sew tailor-made pieces, I put my whole tailoring heart into it. I spend a lot of time with handwork details, which refers to a traditional tailoring craft. Therefore, the delivery time is a bit longer, we will have two to three meetings during the sewing process. At the end, however, you can take away a unique piece of clothing.

Custom made

Tailor-made with a high proportion of machine sewing

This option is generally faster and more affordable. I will take your measurements and hand them over to my Czech supplier. Here, your garment will be sewed according to pre-prepared patterns, which will be adjusted according to your dimensions.

With this option, there is a lower proportion of manual work, the whole garment is created under the needle of a sewing machine.

The delivery time is shorter and we only need one fitting during the sewing process. You will try on your piece and in case you may need some minor adjustments, I will acomplish them in the near future. Then you can come to pick up your garment at my tailor’s shop.