My story

Little tailor from Iran

The foundation of Javad tailoring was preceded without exaggeration by a long journey. It took a few decades and thousands of kilometers. As you can guess from my name, I am not a native Brno citizen.

At the beginning of everything was an Afghan boy who grew up in the Iranian city of Mashhad. My mother has worked here as a seamstress. Our life situation at that time required me to help her from a young age, so I grew up surrounded by needles and sewing machines.

From today’s point of view, you could say that I lost a piece of my childhood. But I’ve never regretted it. The times when I was helping in the tailor’s workshop have given me the foundation for who I am today. It was here that my love and respect for this ancient craft were born.

I think the first spark jumped over when my mother asked me for help with threading the needles. Gradually, I began to discover sewing machines and have gained extremely rich practice.

Javad ve službách pana Hartla

In the service of Mr. Hartl

I have been in the Czech Republic since 2008. First of all, I started working on learning the Czech language. Something went better, something was more complicated, but I was driven by the desire to go back to my dream job.

My efforts were successful because three years later I joined the Hartl Luxury Tailoring Shop in Prague. The owner Zdeněk Hartl supported me unbelievably, for which he deserves my great thanks. To this day, he is like family to me.

How did I finally get to Brno? I came here because of the love of my life. A new chapter in my story began in 2016. I obtained Czech citizenship, my daughter was born and I started my own business.

For me, tailoring is a place where the new meets the past.

Comfort and quality service are combined with traditional craftsmanship. That’s why you’ll find me here with a thimble and a needle in my hand. I enjoy playing with details. I quilt the edges by hand, embroider the holes and needle the linings. My desire is to meet every requirement of my customers when sewing clothes for them. I would like people to turn to Javad tailoring with pleasure and trust.


My thanks belong to God, who is a loving Father. I have put my life in His hands with confidence. By His grace, I am where I am. His enduring love guides me every day and gives me strength, inspiration and motivation to move on. The hope in Him gives meaning to my life, guides my steps, and lights my way. Thanks to His blessing, I have met a number of wonderful people who are important to me. I want to thank:

To my beloved wife, her parents, and the whole family for being my standby.

Zdeněk Hartl for his tolerance and patience, for his masterful leadership and all-around support.

Pavel Müller for motivation, kindness, not only verbal support, and for our friendly relationship.

Customers for their trust and wishes of success.

I am sewing my own dream.

How to sew a mask in 90 seconds?

I was motivated to help people, and thanks to Covid, I could make use of what I can do and serve with my profession. My long-term desire has been fulfilled by that. I was also very pleased that this video has spread all over the world and has been useful in this way.

How does craft help in the time of covid?

Thanks to everyone who has been involved with me in sewing masks during the challenging times of the pandemic. In a few moments, university students or programmers learned how to operate a sewing machine. You can watch the full report here from minute 19:50.

Javad - The Way There and Not Back

In the interview you will find my adventure story about how I got to the Czech Republic and established myself here.

Foreigners in the Czech Republic

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