Custom sewing


Wear a perfectly fitting suit for any occasion (such as a wedding suit or tuxedo). We will choose together from the highest quality fabrics on the market. Would you like to have a formal suit or rather informal? We will fine-tune all the details so that the suit matches your unique wish.

Men's shirt

This means both comfort and perfect appearance in one. Quality natural material, careful sewing, and the precise processing of details will all put together a unique shirt that you will be happy to wear again and again. You may get it as a wedding shirt and then it will stay with you for many years. Do you want a shirt without a collar or with a monogram? At my tailoring, you will fulfill your wish.

Men's jacket

You can choose a light version of the jacket for warmer days. You will dance in them at various balls and weddings, or you will graduate from your studies. Or you can choose a variation of a jacket that will warm you when it is cooler – the so-called tweet jacket. Do you see it rather informally? Have a comfortable blazer sewn for the occasion of meeting friends.

Men's vest

Every elegant man needs his own vest for a suit. When he takes off his jacket, he is still formally dressed. You can also have a full-fabric vest sewn with a facet and dress it separately without a jacket. For a tailor-made vest, we will choose a fabric together so that it perfectly matches the color of your suit.

Men's trousers

A person looks good when he is nicely dressed, and even better when he feels comfortable. Have your chinos trousers, suit trousers, or tailor-made jeans sewn so that you can wear them all day long. They won’t pull or scratch you anywhere. I will sew them from the highest quality material and I will take care of every detail.


We have chosen for you handmade production coming from Spain. The small family manufactury has a tradition of more than 120 years. Traditional frame construction (Goodyear welted) is used in the production of shoes. You will receive not only high-quality fitting shoes but also a piece of upstanding craftsmanship. Of course, it is possible to reconstruct the shoes and extend their lifetime.

See how shoes are being made

For a few seconds, you can peek under the hood and see how professional shoemakers work.


Little things matter. Perfect your outfit with great matching accessories.

  • Tie
  • Bow tie
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Braces
  • Ascot
  • Cufflinks
  • Belts

Greetings Javad. The suit from you is great and I think the decision to have something sewn by you was one of the best decisions I have made. For the future, I definitely want to have something sewn again. I'm sending a photo from the wedding!

Václav Šana